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Sploshing. June 2016.

Video of the theme of fetishes, specifically sploshing. Projected and mapped onto plates on the wall. Filmed, directed, edited and produced by myself.

In college I explored a lot of sexual themes, as it always left the tutor I had lost for words. I made resin glittery dildos, a zine of the a-z of names for genitals, and as my final major project of the year, I filmed a video around the theme of sploshing, covering myself and my friends in various foods. The end result was a gorgeous colourful video, which I projected onto plates with knives and forks. For an art college in a small, conservative town, it caught a lot of people's attention, and got me an award. This is still one of my favourite pieces to date, and I hope to remaster it one day.

Highly Commended for the MASH Cinema Prize for Moving Image.

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